Ems Shape

Ems Shape is a multi-purpose body shaping and firming device. It burns fat and effectively reshapes the area to be treated by firming the muscles. Ems Shape is very effective for treating the buttocks and abdomen. The treatment builds muscle mass and burns fat.

The Ems Shape method effectively shapes the body by reducing the amount of fat. Body toning is achieved through neuromuscular stimulation which improves blood circulation. The device uses non-invasive targeted electromagnetic technology to stimulate muscles to contract. During muscle contraction, the muscle strengthens, grows and expends a lot of energy which burns fat. The treatment accelerates lymphatic metabolism. A single 30min. treatment is equivalent to 5h of exercise/muscles contract 20,000-30,000 times.

Ems Shape not only improves aesthetic appearance, it can also improve hip and back pain by strengthening the buttocks and deep muscles. Strengthening the deep muscles also has a big effect on, for example, the separated abdominal muscles which is very common in mothers who have given birth.

Treatment cannot be given if:

You are pregnant , have serious heart, brain or vascular disease, a pacemaker or have a metal prosthesis, joint, screws or other metal such as a copper coil near the treatment area.

Treatment should also be avoided if you have a blood thinner, blood clot, diabetes or epilepsy.

The treated area must not contain: fillers, open wounds or scars under 6 months old.

The minimum number of sessions is 4 and the recommendation is 10 sessions of 30 minutes at a time per area - at least 2 times a week. Treatments can be given to the same area every other day - a minimum of one day between treatments is always required for the same area.

Particularly suitable as treatment areas are:

  • Against
  • pakarat
  • thigh
  • shoulders and upper arms
  • lower back muscles
  • pelvic floor muscles
  • also other muscle areas

However, the head and chest area should always be avoided



After Ems Shape, your body (treated area) will be firmer, slimmer with significantly less fat.There are studied results after up to 4 treatments.

After the last treatment, you can expect to see results in about two to four weeks, with the final results visible 3 months after the first treatment.

Ems Shape cannot be used too many times and has no side effects. Muscles may become sore after treatment depending on the condition of the muscles in the area being treated at the time of treatment.

During treatment, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maximise results.

However, the area of the head and chest should always be avoided.

The minimum number of treatments is 4 and the recommendation is 8 treatments for 30 minutes at a time per area – at least 2 times a week. Treatments can be carried out in the same area every other day – at least one day is always required in the same area.

Treatment is always started at the lowest intensity, gradually increasing it according to each client's individual tolerance.

The best result is seen after about three months and improves for six months after treatment.

Treatment cannot be performed if you have any of the following:

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation
Cardiovascular and serebrovascular diseases
Implants in the body and metal stains (jewellery, watches and other metal objects should be removed during treatment)
Treatment should not be carried out after 1-2 hours of food
No phone or other smart devices may be used during treatment
Wounds and skin diseases and fresh scars (6-12 months after surgery)

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