When science meets the senses

Experience the beauty of the unique sothys on your skin. Facials provide the perfect treatment pleasure, which a relaxing massage combined with effective treatment products guarantees a visible result even after the first treatment!

Daylux Vantaa

Sothys seasonal® treatment on the face


Vitamin/mineral oxygen therapy for all skin types.
Seasonal mineral and vitamin-rich ingredients and delicious fruity fragrances bring refreshment to both the skin and mind, and is therefore ideal for tired, stressed and moisture-in needing skin. The result is a bright, soft and well-rested feeling! Stages of treatment include initial cleaning, exfoliation mask, face-neck and shoulder massage, peel-off special mask, oxy-cure boost seal, eye and treatment cream on the face. Suitable for all skin types and for all ages.

Sothys® refreshing eye care


The treatment reduces puffiness, lightens dark circles and evens out the skin around the eyes. The peculiarity of the treatment is Sothys' own, specially shaped massage spoons. Experience a unique, refreshing treatment moment!


Detox energetic special facial treatment


A special facial treatment that wakes your skin up and helps it protect against harmful and prematurely ageing effects caused by external stress. Suitable for all skin types, treatment incl. mechanical cleaning.

Sothys® Organics


This fresh-scented, EcoCert certified organic treatment refreshes your skin and gives it instant radiance. Immerse yourself in nature for a while to enjoy unique music and 30 minutes of deep relaxation.

Restore the youthfulness of your skin! Special treatment of a new era against skin limpness and wrinkles. Special treatment begins with a preparatory exfoliation fluid (phytric acid + glycolic acid) and a peeling method (salicylic acid + volcanic stone) during which pressure massage is performed.

After peeling, a snaking massage with a smoothing and firming serum follows the problem points. The highlight of the treatment is relaxing face, neck and shoulder Sothys Digi-estetique massage with firming massage balm (hyaluronic acid, vitamin and omega 3, 6.9 compounds, peptides).

After the massage, 3 different masks follow, a smoothing mask at the plot points, a firming mask for the lower face and a peel-off clay mask to firm on top of them. During the effect of the mask, a bubble lock is carried out on the head area.

At the end of the treatment, apply a matte Youth serum and select another identified Youth serum and treatment cream.

We recommend this treatment as a series of 3 treatments (1 treatment/week) to increase the firming effect after the treatment series.