Mega Shape Body contouring treatment

The Mega Shape body contouring treatment uses a unique and patented technique that combines vacuum suction, mechanical massage, cavitation and bi-polar radiofrequency and infrared light energy.

5 Technology Together

Vacuum suction, bipolar radiofrequency, infrared laser, cavitation and mechanical rolling/massage. Mega shape is suitable for fat removal, body contouring, skin tightening and relaxation of muscle tension in different parts of the body. It effectively breaks down subcutaneous fat, stimulates metabolism and lymphatic circulation which reduces swelling, relieves pain and relaxes tension in the tissues. The treatment eliminates cellulite and effectively tones the treated area.

Areas to be managed

Areas treated include the legs, abdomen, flanks, back, arms, neck and face, decoltee, neck, jawline, face and orbital region.

1. Vacuum

2. Bi-polar Radio Frequency/RF

3. Infrared laser

940nm infrared laser energy directly dissolves subcutaneous fat and helps RF technology to penetrate deeper into fatty tissue.

4. Mechanical Rubbing Rollers

Relaxes muscle tension, rapidly breaks down subcutaneous fat, smoothes cellulite, speeds up skin metabolism.

5. Cavitation (Ultrasound)

The ultrasound waves are focused at a single point a few centimetres deep, where they become so powerful that they break down fat cells. The substances released from the fat cells are transported through the blood and lymphatic system to the liver and elsewhere in the body for metabolic use. Stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle tension, improves skin firmness and colour, removes fluids, speeds up lipid metabolism and promotes the absorption of nutrients by the skin tissue, effectively warms the tissue up to 45-60 degrees Celsius.

Liposuction by cavitation is an effective method of removing localised fat deposits, it leaves no scarring and is usually completely painless.

Benefits of treatment

1. Shapes, breaks down and removes stubborn fat deposits
2. Cleanses the body - detox, relieves fatigue, stress and muscle aches
3. Promotes circulation and improves metabolism
4. improves and accelerates the lymphatic system of the whole body (lympha) - eliminates swelling and fluid retention e.g. in the face
5. firms loose skin tissue e.g. jawline, reduces and even eliminates fine lines
6. effective, safe, relaxing, painless, non-invasive and no recovery time


For the body and limbs, the treatment lasts 30min, recommended treatments are 8-10 times every 4-5 days. For the face, treatment duration 15-20min, recommended treatments 10 times a week. For the eye area and neck, treatment duration 15min per area, recommended treatments 10 times per week. Face, neck + orbital area, total treatment duration 45-60min.

Although results are already achieved after the first treatment, we recommend 10 treatments in a row, always once a week, because results improve and changes occur differently after each treatment. Results can last up to a few years depending on age, lifestyle and hormonal changes. Maintenance treatments are recommended to prolong the effect of the results once a month after the desired results have been achieved.

Proven results 1-5 cm off the thighs and 2-6 cm off the belly.

Barriers to Treatment / Contraindications

1. Not for people with heart disease or a pacemaker
2. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation
3. Artificial fillers injected into the treatment area
4. diabetes and malignant tumour
5. a tendency to keloids
6. allergy to radiofrequency/radiofrequency/RF
7. If there is a wound in the target area

4 different sizes of treatment heads for whole body treatment

Limbs, belly, face and body

After treatment

Do not expose your back, neck or Do not expose your back, neck or other treated area to cold for 6 hours.
The back may bruise after treatment. After treatment, the body stiffness will be reduced.
You can take a bath 6 hours after the treatment When done with high negative pressure, the skin may feel sore after the treatment. This is normal and will disappear in 2 days.
Remember to drink water and take it easy. Do not exercise or take a sauna until 24 hours after the treatment.