Intensive serums

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    Depigmenting spray Amount of product in the package: 30 ml Nanotechnological active ingredients guarantee a quick and effective skin color smoothing and lightening effect of the spray.

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    Rejuvenating enhancer containing stabilised vitamin C, antioxidants, retinal and hyaluronic acid. Brightens skin tone and reduces pigment patches, accelerates collagen synthesis and firms the skin. Reduces plots and smooths wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types.

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    • Vitamin C-containing liposomal serum accelerates skin regeneration
    • Antioxidant effect prevents skin aging
    • Smooths and brightens skin tone, reduces skin pigmentation changes
    • Freshens and refreshes the skin
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • An intensive care product for cloudy skin that needs moisture and heley!
    • Great product for healing and beautifying the skin on a kuuri-like basis, for example, before a party
    • Perfumed citrus fragrance


    Apply serum to cleaned skin in the morning and evening under moisturizer for less than 4 drops. Massage gently onto the skin and let absorb. To enhance the effect, use Sesderma C-VIT AX+ Moisturising Cream with moisturising cream and Sesderma C-VIT AX+ Eye Contour Cream with eye cream. It is recommended to use for approximately one month as intensive care.

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    Immediately acting firming serum. Visibly reduces skin expressions and surface clusters. The active ingredient DMAE stimulates collagen synthesis, solides and strengthens the skin effectively.

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    Intensive rejuvenating regimen for all skin types. A skin rejuvenating and rejuvenating serum system with 100% plant-based growth factors. Different growth factors and new intradermal effects every day of the week. Instant skin softening, moisturizing and evening out skin tone. Long-lasting, firming, strengthening, deep moisturizing, anti-wrinkle effect. Parabenito. 1.pv Firming – strengthens skin proteins. 2.pv Regenerating – connective tissue strengthening. 3.pv Nourishing cells. 4.pv Skin tone leveling. 5.pv Restoring and revitalising the skin. 6.pv Protective – antioxidant effect. 7.pv Rejuvenating – anti-light aging and anti-aging.

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    Contains plant-based growth factors that strengthen and tighten the skin. Effectively anti-wrinkle. Promoting cell renewal. Anti-chronological aging and photoaging. Restoring, strengthening and protecting the condition of the skin. Suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin.

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    Skin rejuvenating cocktail for all skin types. A concentrated combination of active ingredients gives the skin a mesotherapeutic result. The spray stimulates the activity of skin cells and acts anti-aging.

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    For all skin types. The active ingredients of the serum relax the skin and prevent signs of aging. The serum effectively rejuvenates the skin.

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    Serum promotes blood circulation in the hair follicle and the supply of nutrients to the hairs. Plant-based growth factors prolong the hair growth phase and prevent premature hair loss. Peptides in combination with red clover extract accelerate and strengthen hair growth. Other active ingredients moisturize, soften and correct the elasticity of the hairs.

    The serum is applied 2 times a day at the base of the eyelashes and / eyebrows. Before using mascara, let the serum soak for a couple of minutes.

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    Liposome spray is indicated for very sensitive, dry and damaged skin. Allows for a skin-regenerating treatment without touching the skin. Forms a thin moisturizing and protective layer on the surface of the skin.