Dermastir Luxury Mask

Dermastir Luxury Mask is a treatment that reduces rashes, impurities and redness. Dermastir Luxury Mask purifies and balances the skin, making it look younger and healthier. Dermastir Luxury Mask creates a powerful repairing effect on the skin. The Luxury Mask is a special treatment that targets skin imperfections and redness. The skin is left feeling purified, brighter, healthier and relaxed. After using the Luxury Mask, the skin becomes cleaner, younger-looking and supple.



Main ingredients:

SINCIOXIDE: makes the skin matte, reduces pores and has antimicrobial properties.PASSIFLORA INCARNATA: Antioxidant, moisturizing, prevents inflammation, promotes skin rejuvenation and slows down aging. Purifying. DNA: Stimulates cellular repair, has a moisturizing effect and prevents wrinkles.

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