Lipolaser is a new knife-free degreasing method. It uses a short wavelength (635–650...

Lipolaser is a new knife-free degreasing method. It uses a short-wavelength (635–650 nm) laser beam, which can be seen by eye and has been used in the treatment, rehabilitation and beauty treatment of diseases for many years. This method is harmless to the body, but it should not be overused, as is any other treatment. Laser beams warm the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue and send a signal in waves to the body that initiates a chemical reaction. As a result of the reaction, fat cells dissolve. The triglycerides and glycerol accumulated in the body are broken down into free fatty acids, and then transported to various tissues, from where energy is produced in the metabolism. The result of the method is a process in which the body utilizes the released energy. This process of releasing fatty acids is a natural reaction of the body, which occurs when the body is forced to use the saved energy reserves. Lipolaser removes excess fat permanently because this process is produced by the body itself.

One treatment lasts from 20 to 45 minutes. Usually, one treatment is enough to produce a process in which, over the next 1-2 months, the body begins to effectively use the accumulated fat reserves. The results are usually visible already after a week. However, we recommend that you eat healthy and exercise daily for even better results. Adequate physical activity is also the usual walking 2-5 km per day.

Treatment can be carried out on all areas of the body where there is a desire to reduce adipose tissue, and it is suitable for all skin types.

If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after six months, if the results are not enough. Human bodies are different, and sometimes the body does not want to give up deposited fats. Therefore, the number of treatments required to achieve the desired result is individual. However, as a rule, one treatment is sufficient, however, in more severe cases, a longer course of treatment may be necessary (up to two months).

Treatment is not suitable or is prohibited in the following cases:

ischemic heart disease, hypertension or heart pacemaker
acute inflammations, acute asthma, deep vein thrombosis or tumor
any blood disease, injury or haemorrhagic disease
plastic or metal artificial members or organs, such as dentures or breast implants
weakened immune system
numbness in relation to heat
poor condition, colds, fever.
The lipolaser treatment we offer that helps to remove fluids and released waste products from the body faster. Lipolaser has CE approval.