Mesotherapy Serial treatment for skin quality, skin revitalizing and regenerative...


A skin revitalizing and regenerative regimen that affects skin quality, which is given as a serial treatment, which evens out surface clusters, discoloys and moisturizes the skin.

Mesotherapy uses vitamins, hyaluronic acid and drugs. Amino acids, trace elements, antioxidants and test enzymes can also be exported to the skin.

Injections bring significantly higher concentrations to the skin locally. Substances that otherwise do not get through the surface of the skin can also be used. The effect of treatment depends on the substance used and their functions in the skin. Small needle injections and the growth factors released in it also accelerate skin regeneration. In the past, mesotherapy and laser treatments have also used growth factors isolated from their own blood (PRP plasma), but even more effective ready-made sterile solutions are now available and blood sampling is no longer needed.

Mesotherapy is suitable as a skin-refreshing and moisturizing treatment to be shaken both independently and combined with a wide range of skin quality enhancing device treatments.