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IPL hair removal

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IPL technology hair removal is unique, even so unique, that we dare to claim it is the most effective way to remove hairs. The device is based on this researched and proven method. IPL technology with a global patent is based on the combined effect of two forms of energy, light and radio frequency (RF). Light is a pure energy source that is easy to control on a millisecond level and we use it to heat the object being treated. The downside of light is that it needs pigmentation to turn into heat. Without pigmentation, no heat is generated, nor results. The luminous impulse alone therefore works worse on the light brown hairs that exist in most Scandinavian women and men.
IPL technology works much better on a wider scale thanks to a combination of different coloured hairs, thanks to a combination of radio frequency (RF) and light.

How does it work?

The IPL first sends a strong light impulse to the target to be treated, which heats the pigment in the hair. At the same time, a radio frequency is sent to the target area, which will seek preheated pigmentation in the hair. With the help of the iPL, the hair is heated both inside and outside, but selectively, so as not to cause damage to the surrounding tissue. The IPL also penetrates deeper into the dermis than traditional light technologies.

Permanent hair removal with laser

Disturbing hair can be permanently removed. IPL and laser treatment only affect hairs in the growth phase. Since some hairs are in the resting phase, the treatment usually needs to be renewed 5-8 times. However, the result will start to show after the first reading.

More treatments may be needed if the hair growth is abundant, the hair is lighter or the skin is dark. Strong endocrine function also increases hair growth and, by way, treatments. We use a modern laser device that also works on light hair.

The first treatments are given to the area of the face every 4-6 weeks, to the body area every 8-10 weeks, and to the lower limbs every 12-15 weeks. The need for treatment depends on the rate of hair growth. In the future, only areas where hair growth can be asserted will be treated. Later, the treatment intervals will lengthen.

Before treatment

Skin tanning products cannot be used during two weeks of treatment and treatment cannot be given to tanned skin. Do not take a solarium or sun for two weeks before treatment with light impulse. Plucking, waxing, caning or mechanical epilation from hair removal methods should be discontinued 6 weeks before the procedure. Hair cutting and driving is allowed.

Check before treatment: Medication should be taken into account both at initiating treatment and in further treatment. Are you, for example, antibiotics or other medical prescriptions? Certain medicines sensitized to light and in this case treatment cannot be carried out, as the skin may also burn in light impulse therapy due to the medicine. The day before treatment, it is advisable to shae the hair short, making them well presented and easy to focus the treatment on the desired hair area. Treatment is not given in patients with pacemakers or defibrillators, or during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

After treatment

Carefully protect the treated skin area from the sun for a week with clothes or sunscreen of at least 30 protection factors. This prevents the skin from burning and pigmentation. (Your skin is much more sensitive to UV radiation after light impulse therapy.) Avoid saunas on the same night. (Heat and sweating may tingle on the skin) Do not peel the treated area of the skin for two days. (The skin is a little more warm during this time) The treated skin area may redden after treatment, treat the area with cooling (e.g. cool towels).