Salon Daylux – Vantaa

Eyelash extensions

Impressive volume lashes or classic eyelash extensions at the Daylux beauty salon in downtown Tikkurila.

Eyelash extensions with high quality and professionalism. Get some lookaluloning and gorgeous eyelashes from a professional, too.

Hybrid eyelashes

Hybrid eyelashes are a mixture of volumes and classic fibers. This gives a natural result and, if desired, a little thickness in the lashes.

Classic eyelash extensions

Eyelash extension and thickening throughout the eye, contains about 50-110 lashes per eye, depending on the thickness of your eyelashes. Lashes are individually attached to your own eyelashes at a distance of about 0.5 mm from the skin. Lashes are individual, thin and perfectly natural looking.

Volume lashes

With volume lashes, lashes are especially thick with new technology. The volume of lash fibres is thin, so it is possible to put several of them in one of their own lashes. Thus, the result is bushy, yet light lashes. Thin lash fibers are soft and comfortable in the eyes.

When you come to the eyelash extensions

  • You'll come without makeup.
  • Do not use oil-based products in lashes.
  • Contact lenses must not be in the eyes during the illegal period of eyelashes.

Home care instructions for eyelash extensions

Use only the intended cleaning foam to wash the eyelashes. Just washing the water isn't enough.
Washing extensions is very important, as dirt in lashes reduces the persistence of extensions. Lashes collect dirt and fat, as your own lashes protect your eyes.
Do not use mascara during extensions.
Lashes should not be watered during the first 24 hours.
When the eyelashes are serviced, you'll come with clean lashes. If we have to clean the lashes first, we don't have enough time. Cleaning and washing must be done a few hours before the reserved time. If the lashes are still moist in maintenance, then the persistence may be worse.

Eyelash extension maintenance

Eyelash extensions should be maintained every 2-4 weeks to keep the lashes bushy and in good condition.
Maintenance times range from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how often the maintenance is done and how well the lashes remain with the customer. Please follow the home care instructions and the warranty will remain valid!