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RF firming treatment

Radiofrequencies, or RF therapy Effective treatment for firming, as well as lightening our redding skin...

Radiofrequencies or RF therapy

An effective treatment to solidify, lighten our reddening skin is constantly burdened by various environmental factors and the skin becomes slubby and wrinkled, as well as the colour of the skin becomes more a kirjaric.

The effectiveness of the RF conditioner is based on energy, which heats all layers of the skin and increases the formation of skin collagen, which is the basis of firmness and, on the other hand, shrinks collagen, surface collagen and thus, in addition to firming, it lights up the skin. The permeability of cell membranes is improved and enzyme function is activated, thus improving the functioning of the skin. Heat improves blood circulation and thus slag substances are well removed from the tissues. The result is smoother and more beautiful skin. The skin "shrinks" and solides, as a result of which small wrinkles and warts disappear. The skin becomes freshly flat and small blood vessels lighten. RF is an effective solider of the eye area. It affects wrinkles on the sides and under the eyes, as well as eye bags. Other treatment areas include nasolabial warpings, hamster bags, lip wrinkles, saggy neck skin, neck wrinkles and skin firming. Radiofrequencies treatment is safe. The treatment is painless and feels like a little warmth on the skin. The best results can be obtained with serial treatment; once a week about 3-5 times in series. To maintain the result achieved, treatment is recommended every 1-2 months. The advantage of radiofrequencence therapy is that surgical treatments, such as the uplift of the creations, can be postponed further into the future, and for some radiofrequencence therapy may already be an adequate treatment for results.

Radio frequency or RF treatment for the body

Radiofrequencies treatment effectively tightens the loose under arms, the skin on the inside of the waist, abdomen and legs. It can also be used to fade pregnancy scars. It removes a superficial layer of cellulite and firms the skin. Treatment is recommended as a serial treatment, approximately once a week, 3-10 times in series. Radio frequency RF breaks down triglycergides into free fatty acids. Free fatty acids are removed through fat cells into the bloodstream, thus reducing the volume in the fat cells and getting a thinner appearance. Contours, formality and slenderness increase, cellulite and circumference decrease as treatments progress.

You cannot be treated if you have

  • inflammation of the body
  • you are pregnant or breast-feeding
  • you have cancer or you are seriously ill
  • you have tumour vein or vascular inflammation