Treatment of interfering blood vessels

Removal of surface blood vessels:

  • enlarged hair blood vessels
  • telangiectasias
  • angioms
  • rosacea
  • rosacea

The laser device produces power light flashes that cause the blood to clot in the vein and eventually the body melts the vein away. Blood circulation is then directed deeper into the veins in the skin. Laser treatment of surface blood vessels can be used to remove unethical veins from the body and hair veins from the face. However, the method is not suitable for the treatment of varicose veins.

Before treatment

Before treatment, skin-tanning products cannot be used during two weeks and treatment should not be given to tanned skin.
Treatment is not given in patients with pacemakers or defibrillators, or during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Method of treatment

After laser treatment of vascular changes in the skin, the skin may slightly redden or be bruised.

After treatment, you can live a normal everyday life, but: make-up should be used for a day of treatment

avoid sauna bathing for two days, heat and sweating may tingle on the skin. Do not peel the treated area of the skin for two days, the skin will be slightly more affected during this first week mild soap suitable for skin cleansing or a cleansing emulsion-treated skin area should be well protected from the sun with a high protection factor for at least 2 weeks. The result of the treatment of the removal of surface blood vessels is immediately visible!