• Device treatments

Degreasing by cooling

Cool sculpting
can help when fat is not just
There's no way to melt from the waist.
Treatment eliminates body fat accumulations,
that you couldn't get rid of
on a healthy diet
And despite the exercise.

Freezes and reduces body fat

Body editing is a huge trend both around the world and in Finland. Eliminate unwanted fat accumulation in the body, even in the food class, completely painlessly. Knifeless and painless degreasing by freezing.

  • Duration of operation 45-60 minutes
  • Its efficacy and safety have been scientifically proven.
  • After the procedure, the patient can return to normal life – no recovery time
  • Painless procedure
  • A natural outcome.

Who's it for?

Cryo 360° is very suitable for men and women fighting "that last lump." I think we all have those fat accumulations in the body at some point that we can't get rid of. These places are the first places where the fat accumulates, and from these it leaves last — if even then.

Priced by region

The number of areas and the price of the procedure will be determined during the consultation.

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Cooling is precisely directed at subcutaneous fat cells. Treated fat cells crystallized (freeze) and destroy, after which the body processes the fat naturally and removes these dead cells.
Cry 360° is a second-generation 360-degree cryolpolysis treatment that uses controlled cooling technology to remove unwanted fat.

The treatment eliminates fat accumulations in the body that cannot be eliminated despite a healthy diet and exercise.

Fat freezing experiences - Cryopolysis - no surgical liposcilction

Cry 360° offers better results in using fat freezing technology compared to other similar devices. Technologically advanced, 360-degree precise cooling handpieces provide better and smoother cooling than traditional metal-plated cryo-pedalling.

Each cooling device applies only to the subcutaneous fat layer of the patient without damaging the surrounding tissue. Fat cells will experience apoptosis, i.e. cell death from excess fats, in the coming months from treatment.

The handpiece is applied to the treatment area, in which case the treatment area gently sticks to the handling cup. Once the target temperature has been reached, the skin will feel numb in part of the treatment area. The nurse massages the treatment area 1-2 minutes after treatment. Clients who have carried out several treatments find the treatments completely painless.

The technology is versatile, including various handpieces. These are made for different aspects of the body. We can handle e.g. arms, thighs, outer parts of the pelvis, abdomen, "gang handles", chest area and neck.

Treatments last 45-60 minutes at controlled temperatures. Visible and measurable results are noticeable 1-3 months after treatment. Customers can expect a 25 percent reduction, for the additional fats in the treatment area, after each treatment. Treatment can be repeated for further results.