Dermastir Day Cream SPF30+ White

Dermastir Day Cream SPF30+ - a day cream with a rich texture to moisturise and renew the skin and protect it from sun damage thanks to SPF30+. Dermastir Day Cream SPF30+ deeply moisturises the skin and protects it from sun damage thanks to its sun protection factor (30+) and UVA protection (PA+++). The overall condition of the skin is restored and hydration levels are increased. Dermastir Day Cream SPF30+ has a very luxurious formula containing valuable phyto-extracts, antioxidants and amino acids. This combination boosts skin renewal and rejuvenation, leaving skin nourished and supple. Dermastir Day Cream 30+ is formulated with airtight technology to protect precious ingredients from radiant and conductive heat, bacteria and infrared rays. also available as a tinted cream that works beautifully as a make-up base.



Main ingredients:

HYALURONIC ACID: Unique moisturising properties. ALLANTOIN: Moisturizing, soothing and epithelializing properties. OLERACEA-UUTE: Antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, skin whitening, collagen synthesis stimulating, anti-inflammatory. DIPOTASSIUM GLYSYRHYRHISATE: Anti-pigmentation, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant.

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